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Faith Gisondi, LMHC

Dedicated to Helping You

Faith Gisondi

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I am Faith Gisondi, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion and dedication to help people.  It brings me excitement and gratitude that you have stopped by my Website!​

At any given moment, you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end. Christine Mason Miller

I love this quote because I believe you have the power to change your story! I also believe when you make that choice to enter into therapy, you are halfway there.

Are you struggling with obstacles impacting your life? Do you want to feel and cope better? Are you suffering from the effects of abuse, depression, or anxiety? Are you suffering from PTSD? Are there family issues that need to be resolved? Do you want to be free of the obstacles keeping you down? Working with me, you will get the genuineness and empathy for your situation; you deserve to live a better life and find that freedom!

Are you experiencing:

  • thoughts of hurting yourself

  • problems moving past your past

  • repeating the same behaviors

  • angry outbursts

  • constant fears and worries

  • family conflict

  • effects from abuse


In working with me, you’ll get my full attention, connection, a feeling of comfort, and acceptance for wherever you are at in life and all with just the right amount of humor.​


It is my sincere dedication in helping you become aware of what it is that is holding you back.

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