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Real stories:

Kim, 43, came in wanting to hurt herself and others stemming from severe anxiety among other mental health issues. I used an evidenced-based treatment (EMDR) to help Kim become aware of what was holding her back.

Johnny, 8 years old came in with severe fear of rainstorms in which he hid in the closet.  After five sessions using EMDR, Johnny was no longer afraid, and he was discharged.


Kevin and his parents came in seeking help with family relationships.  Kevin, a 19-year-old, was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from childhood abuse.  Through counseling, Kevin was able to reduce his PTSD symptoms, and he and his family have moved past their past; the family issues are now behind them.

Real quotes from client:

“Faith has helped me find my way and overcome the obstacles that were holding me back”


“Faith has given me my family back by helping my son overcome his trauma, and she helped my son and my husband to overcome their differences.  It is wonderful to have peace in my home.”


"God brought me to this point and at this point in my life, I met Faith. Faith brought me EMDR. All I had to do is to let go of the fear and then happiness became possible for me. EMDR has allowed me to process my dreadful past; something I never thought was possible. Thank you God, and thank you, Faith. There is no coincidence in this world"


Like the above cases? Are you experiencing:

  • thoughts of hurting yourself

  • problems moving past your past

  • repeating the same behaviors

  • angry outbursts

  • constant fears and worries

  • family conflict

  • effects from abuse


In working with me, you’ll get my full attention, connection, a feeling of comfort, and acceptance for wherever you are at in life and all with just the right amount of humor.


It is my sincere dedication in helping you become aware of what it is that is holding you back.

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